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Hi there! We are Lux the lizard and Louise the mouse. We help children learn music with braille.

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You'll receive 1 book containing:

  • 5 children's songs in 4 languages (EN, FR, DE, NL) which can be listened on Youtube and Spotify
  • All text and music in print and braille
  • 6 tactile illustrations with explanations and questions
  • You'll be able to sing, discover illustrations and learn to read text and music together

A songbook for blind children - a multilingual children's songbook with texts and scores in print and braille.

Most children adore singing; some children even sing before they speak. Blind or visually impaired children use their hearing all the time and mostly enjoy music, and making noise. The current technological developments for people who are blind are amazing but mainly occur in English. We have produced a multilingual children’s songbook (Dutch, English, French, and German) for blind children exposing them to other languages from an early age and allowing them to explore this world independently. The songs have been recorded and are available on youtube and Spotify. We have developed an ‘inclusive’ book by printing in black and in braille and adding visual and tactile illustrations.

Independence is also important for learning music. It would be best if blind children could learn reading braille music as soon as they have learned to read braille text. We want to make this happen by the addition of the music scores of 5 popular children’s songs in print and in braille.

The book contains 5 children’s songs that are interesting regarding music, learning body parts and movements. This makes it easier for blind children to connect the song texts to the tactile illustrations and the real world.

Ideation and project management

Laura Steinbusch


SBS Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print Disabled (


Loulou&lou Geleen, NL.


This project is made possible with the financial help of Fonds XL, Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen, Rotterdamse Stichting Blindenbelangen, Stichting Licht & Liefde, Vereniging Onbeperkt Lezen, Groningse Blindenstichting, Katholieke Stichting voor Blinden & Slechtzienden, many through our gofundme campagne and many other through private donations.


Price: 20 euro including shipping

Or mail your full name and address to You will recieve an IBAN/BIC number and your invoice number to complete your payment.


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